Harry Reid says Bundy Ranch issue Isn't Over.Harry Reid says Bundy Ranch issue Isn't Over. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid weighed in on the Nevada ranch standoff, warning that even though federal agents retreated over the weekend, “it’s not over.” Mr. Reid’s remarks Monday appeared to be his first public comments since Bureau of Land Management agents touched off a confrontation with demonstrators...

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The BLM hasn't left. Their reinforcements have arrived This is cell phone video onsite at the Bundy Ranch. Th BLM has just shown back up with reinforcements. This isn't over yet

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Why the BLM left the Bundy Ranch If you have been watching the Bundy Ranch drama, the BLM 'suddenly' just packed up and left. There was no reason why other than they were afraid of injuries. Well, that's not exactly what happened. The BLM got marched out by civvies. Multiple people have tried to post on facebook and can't, so i posted it here.

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Crime in Chicago Plummets after Concealed Carry is EnactedCrime in Chicago Plummets after Concealed Carry is... Murders in the Windy City have plummeted since the Illinois legislature enacted its concealed weapon carry law, and the state Supreme Court upheld a person’s right to carry firearms outside the home. The Chicago Police Department posted the city’s 2014 first quarter crime figures Tuesday, indicating the lowest...

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The many uses of Epsom SaltsThe many uses of Epsom Salts Epsom salt is a natural pure mineral compound that contains magnesium, sulfate and oxygen.  Magnesium is a critical mineral that our bodies need, and it has a ton of healthful benefits.  Epsom salt naturally draws toxins from the body, it helps reduce inflammation and swelling, and reduces muscle pains and body aches....

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Household Composting

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All types of shredded paper are great for the compost pile, as are a number of other kitchen items which you may not have considered. Check out this list of common household items that will give your compost pile a kick…and save space in the landfill at the same time:

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How Asprin Water Helps Plants

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aspirinAspirin is used to treat pain, fever and inflammation. While used as a drug for treating humans, it is also a tool for gardeners to fight off diseases and insects on their plants. Aspirin water can be used on outdoor plants, in gardens and on houseplants.
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Building a Solar Hot Water Heater

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hotwaterHere is a simple project that you can build out of easily available parts. Take two drums and paint them black. Build a wooden box and insulate it with sheet styrofoam about one inch thick. You can get this foam at most large “Home Do-It Centers” in 4ft. x 8ft. sheets. Paint the inside of the box black. Make a lid by building a wooden frame and insert a sheet of glass, double pane would be even better. Place the heater at an elevated site or on tower (for water pressure) and orient the glass towards the south.

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DIY Plastic Bucket Still for Making Spirits

Category : Equipment, Food, General Info is no responsible for any damage or harm caused by incorrectly using this information or if your wife makes you sleep on the couch during the testing process. Enjoy.
The DIY Bucket Still
• It is simple to make – takes only a couple of hours to assemble.
No welding or difficult work is required.
• It is inexpensive to make.
• Odour-free when it is working.
• Does not need cooling water so it ca be used anywhere.
• Small – easy to hide away, even when it is working.
• Makes good alcohol.
• Easy to dismantle.
Does this appear too good to be true?
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Making Charcoal

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Making charcoal is surprisingly easy. But it is not something you want to do in your backyard except in small quantities. The method I describe here is what is known as the retort or indirect method. Basically, wood is placed in a container and cooked. All the volatile gases are driven off and charcoal remains. This is exactly the method used be the wood chemical industry before petrochemicals superceded it. We, however are going to use these volatile gases as fuel for the charcoal making fire.
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Homemade Batteries


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Learn how to build a powerful homemade water cell battery right in your own home. Research has proving that you can build a simple water cell battery, powerful enough to run a car as well as your home lighting. Although these plans are simple in design, you can provide yourself with hours of fun as well as doing complex research in this field. To recharge your battery you simply replinish the water tank with fresh water and your battery is fully charged again. Many people like to use pure water with just

a touch of Chlorine or rain water. Rain water has some acid in it.

WARNING! Although these plans talk in part about using water, some of these plans may suggest experimen- ting with Clorox bleach and liquid plumber, These chemicals are dangerous, please keep all of your experiments away from children and animals, always wear gloves and protective eye wear. Some of these experiments are not recommended for children under 18 years of age.
We are not responsible for anything, you experiment at your own risk!

NOTICE: Below is a side view drawing of large copper and aluminum plate cells, they can be any shape that you want. All I can say is, Play around with different exotic metals and you will be surprised! Zinc and copper work great!






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