Harry Reid says Bundy Ranch issue Isn't Over.Harry Reid says Bundy Ranch issue Isn't Over. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid weighed in on the Nevada ranch standoff, warning that even though federal agents retreated over the weekend, “it’s not over.” Mr. Reid’s remarks Monday appeared to be his first public comments since Bureau of Land Management agents touched off a confrontation with demonstrators...

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The BLM hasn't left. Their reinforcements have arrived This is cell phone video onsite at the Bundy Ranch. Th BLM has just shown back up with reinforcements. This isn't over yet

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Why the BLM left the Bundy Ranch If you have been watching the Bundy Ranch drama, the BLM 'suddenly' just packed up and left. There was no reason why other than they were afraid of injuries. Well, that's not exactly what happened. The BLM got marched out by civvies. Multiple people have tried to post on facebook and can't, so i posted it here.

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Crime in Chicago Plummets after Concealed Carry is EnactedCrime in Chicago Plummets after Concealed Carry is... Murders in the Windy City have plummeted since the Illinois legislature enacted its concealed weapon carry law, and the state Supreme Court upheld a person’s right to carry firearms outside the home. The Chicago Police Department posted the city’s 2014 first quarter crime figures Tuesday, indicating the lowest...

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The many uses of Epsom SaltsThe many uses of Epsom Salts Epsom salt is a natural pure mineral compound that contains magnesium, sulfate and oxygen.  Magnesium is a critical mineral that our bodies need, and it has a ton of healthful benefits.  Epsom salt naturally draws toxins from the body, it helps reduce inflammation and swelling, and reduces muscle pains and body aches....

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Ammo Can Stove

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This is a clever stove made in the great state of Virgina from a .50 caliber ammo can. Not a bad price and can be packed in itself for transport and storage. This would be very handy for campers, in a cache, and just anyone that needs portable ‘natural’ heat/cooking source. It flips over and the ‘bottom’ is converted into a grill for cooking. Will use wood and apparently coal (cooking with coal probably isn’t the best option), and has a well thought out chimney design that has a couple accessories to make it useable in pretty much any weather without fogging in an enclosed area. s, preparedness, prepping

Made in U.S.A.

Drinking Water Purification

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Drinkable water is the #1 required resource in emergencies

Health department and public water safety officials use many safeguards to protect the sanitary quality of your daily drinking water. However, this protection may break down during emergencies caused by natural disasters. During times of serious emergency, the normal water supply to your home may be cut off or become so polluted that it is undrinkable. A supply of stored water could be your most precious survival item!

You and your family may then be on your own to provide a safe and adequate water supply. Remember that typhoid fever, Dysentery, and infectious hepatitis are diseases often associated with unsafe water. Don’t take a chance! Generally, under serious disaster conditions, no water can be presumed safe–all drinking and cooking water should be purified. Required Amounts of Drinking Water Per Person
A minimum of two quarts and up to one gallon of water is needed per day, depending on the size of the person, the amount of exertion, weather, and perspiration loss. A minimum of seven gallons pure water per person would be needed for a two-week survival supply. With careful rationing, this amount would be sufficient for drinking, food preparation, brushing teeth, etc. Fourteen gallons per person will allow for hygiene care. Keep an emergency supply of drinking water in plastic containers. Commercially bottled drinking water is available. It stays pure for months and has the expiration date clearly marked on it. There are several other sources of water if your water supply is turned off–water drained from the hot water tank (usually contains 30 to 60 gallons of usable water), clear water from the toilet flush-tank, if kept constantly clean ( not the bowl !), melted ice cubes, canned fruits and vegetable juices, and liquid from other canned goods.
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Household Composting

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All types of shredded paper are great for the compost pile, as are a number of other kitchen items which you may not have considered. Check out this list of common household items that will give your compost pile a kick…and save space in the landfill at the same time:

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Coldweather Generator Info

Category : Equipment generatorGenerator Basics

Generators are shaft-driven machines that produce electric power. Broadly speaking, they range in size and capacity from the tiny devices used as sensors to the extremely large machines used at commercial power plants. The term “alternator” is also used and means essentially the same thing. The term “generator set” or “genset” is sometimes used to describe a generator along with a gasoline or diesel engine or other power source.

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Making a flower pot heater

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As parts of the United States prepare for record-breaking cold temperatures, a YouTube video showing an alternative way to heat your home might come in handy.

The video, which we first found on Why Don’t You Try This, was made by journalist and boat owner Dylan Winter. All you need to make this do-it-yourself heater are tea lights, a loaf tin, and two flower pots.

You can find tea light candles at pretty much any drug or hardware store. A pack of 50 is only $5.99 at CVS, for instance.

In the video, Winter places four tea lights into a loaf tin and covers them with a small flower pot that’s turned upside-down. He then covers the drain hole on the bottom of the small pot with the metal casing from one of the tea lights. The small pot is covered by a bigger flower pot and the hole is not covered.

The system works because the inner-core of the small flower pot gets very hot, says Winter, heating air between the two pots. The warm air then flows out the hole of the larger pot, warming the room.

It sounds like a great idea, although we advise anyone who experiments with this contraption to be very careful. Be sure to put the homemade heater in a safe place where the candles won’t get knocked over.

Winter Driving Tips and Tricks

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The leading cause of death during winter storms is transportation accidents. prepare your vehicle for the winter season and knowing how to react if stranded or lost on the road are the keys to save winter driving.

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Beware of Ice Dams on Your Roof

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attic-openingsIce dams on sloped roofs are common headache across the norther areas of the Unite States in the winter. Anyone who has experienced water penetrating a roof in the middle of winter and splashing into an attic or running down exterior walls and dripping into rooms knows of the problem. Ice dams can cause strained or ruined walls and ceilings, saturated insulation and dry rot of structural framing leading to costly repair jobs. Fortunately there are a number of basic and practical ways to minimize the size and impact of roof ice dams.

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First Aid in Cold Weather

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Severe frostbite on fingers

If part of the body is seriously frozen should it be thawed gradually or as quickly as possible? Medical doctors disagree on this, although at this writing opinion is shifting more & more towards speed. Those favoring rapid thawing, as by soaking a foot in water as hot as ordinary could be borne comfortably, they believe that DANGER from gangrene becomes more of a possibility the longer the circulation is shut off. They are also of the opinion that the greater length of time the part of the body is allowed to remain gravely frozen, the deeper the freezing may extend. Those authorities favouring gradual thawing, by heat not much if any greater than normal body temperature opines that there is less hazard of permanent damages to severely frozen tissues if only moderate heat is applied gently, this is the only treatment necessary of course in mild cases. If frostbite is suspected, don’t attempt to keep moving if one of the party is suffering from frostbite.

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Bankok under Martial Law

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bankok(Reuters) – Thai PM Yingluck Shinawatra extended on Monday an Internal Security Act to cover more areas of the capital, Bangkok, Nonthaburi just to the north, and districts to the east including where Bangkok’s main airport is located.

Yingluck, addressing the nation on television on a day anti-government protesters swarmed into, or around, state buildings in a bid to bring down her government, said the security act was being extended because of “ongoing events”.

The act allows authorities to impose curfews, operate checkpoints, restrict movements of protesters and act fast if rallies get out of hand.

(Reporting by Amy Sawitta Lefevre; Editing by Robert Birsel)

Veteran’s Day Deals

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These are available for current troops and veterans

Veteran’s Day is officially Monday, November 11, 2013…

Some Deals below all taken from the below link:
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