The most common non-edible plantsThe most common non-edible plants Many  plants in the wild are indeed edible. However there are many more that are not edible and the after effects range from just a bad taste to completely deadly. Here is some of the more common non-edible plants. They are listed  in botanical alphabetical order.

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Medicinal Plant Map of the United StatesMedicinal Plant Map of the United States This is a 1932 map of medicinlal plants by Edwin Newcomb. This shows the medicinal plants in each state. Below is a clickable map that can be blown up by holding your CTRL and rolling your mousewheel forward. There is also a link that will take you to a cartography service to get an actual high quality map printed if you...

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100 Different Ways to Reuse Broken Household Items100 Different Ways to Reuse Broken Household Items On the contrary, there are many different projects that you can do with those broken items and create stunning décor for indoors and out, all from things that you may consider to be trash. We have collected a list of 100 different projects that call for those broken items or common household trash. Repurposing is...

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Disaster Prepardness in Annapolis Anne Arundel County Department of Inspections and Permits continues to highlight building safety throughout the month of May. This week’s theme “Bounce Back Faster from Disaster – Build to Code,” emphasizes the importance of preparing your family and home for natural disasters. Anne Arundel County is vulnerable...

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What a real life economic collapse looks likeWhat a real life economic collapse looks like I ran across this while in my internet travels. Pretty interesting read. Good site, worth checking out Did you ever think about what your life would be like if the stores were closed? I’m not talking about a post-apocalyptic Mad Max scenario or a winter storm that clears the shelves. I’m talking about a long-term...

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Apocalyptic Video Games

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A little bird dropped in my ear that our readers were wanting a list of apocalyptic, SHTF, TEOTWAWKI, Zombie style games so I thought I would do a little research and put that together for all of you. I hope this helps you out!! All comments are welcome on any …read more

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Using Tech for Survival Prep

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Whatever reason you may have for prepping, whether you just want to be safe in case of the next tornado or the next world war, you may have your mind stuck on the thought that technology will do you no good in any sort of natural disaster or post-apocalyptic ravaged …read more

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Preparing For Winter in 2015

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The word is, that this years winter in the United states is going to be brutal compared to what we have been getting the last several years. It is suppose to hit us a lot earlier as well.

Where I currently live we tend to lose power during every storm and …read more

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H2O in a Hurry: Simple Strategies for Purifying Water

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One thing no one wants to go without is water – clean and fresh H2O. Whether you’re out backpacking or in the midst of a disaster, access to clean water is imperative. Here’s how to make sure you’re never without.

Chemical Purification

Many chemical purification systems are used in industry, and in …read more

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The Gordon Rocket Stove

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The Gordon Rocket Company has developed a line of premium, wood-fired stoves designed for camping, barbecues and home preparedness. With “rocket” type combustion, the Gordon Rocket uses a uniquely tuned design to optimize the natural chimney-effect which pulls air into an enclosed combustion chamber.

As in all rocket-type stoves, wood-use …read more

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Neat Little Ways to Stay Clean Post-SHTF

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It’s no secret that one of the biggest issues post-collapse is going to be hygiene that could cause anything from minor illnesses to pandemics. Let’s not forget that in the Victorian era, one of the biggest concerns people had was their health. Since they lacked our modern day conveniences, you …read more

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Treating Water: Video & Transcription

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Lone olf 2

Hey! Welcome back YouTubers!! It’s Shane with Lone Wolf Survival and I want to talk a little bit about water purification and water filtering. There’s a lot of different systems out there and there’s a lot of myths about what you can and can’t …read more

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Prevent Carbon-Monoxide Poisoning with These Tips

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Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless, tasteless gas that is harmful to humans in quantities more than 35ppm. This means that if there is a carbon monoxide leak in your home, it can make you very ill and sick, and in extreme cases even death. You will never know what …read more

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Primitive Everyday Carry- EDC (Video Transcript)

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Primitive Everyday Carry: Tyler Introduction

By: TJack
First Published on: BlackScoutSurvival
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Transcription provided by: American Preppers Network

Number of speakers: 2 (Tyler – T., Kirsten Rechnitz – K.R.)
Duration: 07 min 41 sec

Primitive Everyday Carry

T.: Hey girl, yeah. Hey, this …read more

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Sustainable World? 5 Ways Our Modern Society is at Serious Risk

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Sustainable World, 5 Ways Our Modern Society is at Serious Risk

In today’s world there are so many things to worry about that it can be tough to stay focused on what matters the most in life. Going to work, having a reliable car to drive around, and taking care of family members are just a few things you think about …read more

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